COMMANDmobile Web Version 4.1

User Interface Changes
• Manage Configurations
     o The user interface has been redefined to allow for easier navigation and selection of device configuration options
• Add Jobs
     o A multiform selector is now available during job creation to allow users to filter the forms that are available for inclusion with multi-form jobs.

Security Related Changes
• Login Screen
     o A CAPCHA is now presented to the user upon 5 unsuccessful login attempts to verify that the login attempts are being generated from a Person not a Computer. This is designed to thwart brute force login attacks

Other Items
• Mange Roles
     o Updated administrator/full permissions roles to control visible sites based on a user’s assigned role
• Exposed Additional Application Settings for Configuration
     o Login.AllowedFailedAttempts = number of failed password attempts before the captcha validation is displayed
     o ShowFormQuestionControls = true/false string that determines if the organization arrows are displayed for questions in the form manager
     o UseQuestionColumnName = true/false string that determines if the question/response name field is shown in the form manager
     o ShortDatePattern = string that determines the date order for months, days, and years (Note: months must be displayed as MM)
     o BingMapKey = string value that allows COMMANDmobile to use Bing Maps
     o AutoCloseJobOnUpload = true/false string that determines if jobs are assigned a close date/time when uploaded
     o TierOneContact = string value that is displayed when the support button is clicked if the TeirOneSupport setting is blank
     o TierOneSupport = string value that displays the associated page when the support button is clicked
     o ClientDataHandler = string value that determines various web services actions when jobs are uploaded
     o ManageFormAutoSaveInterval = string value that determines how often (in ms) the manage form page auto-saves layouts
• Manage Forms
     o Removed layout and structure pages
• Forms
     o Updated import/export tool to facilitate the movement and backup of forms.
     o Copy forms is no longer available.
• Time and Date Functions
     o All Time and Date Functions are now controlled through application settings an no longer through the  browser settings.
• Map performance Improved
     o The speed for accessing maps has been improved


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